Black Ops

‘Black Ops’ is a ruggedised version of our popular BM9 ribbon microphone. It is designed to withstand the higher sound pressure volumes found close up in front of guitar amps and other loud instruments (and voices too). The black label and grills distinguish it from the standard BM9.

The transformer has iron-rich laminations to take a higher signal level before saturation, and a lower inductance to compensate for the bass proximity effect. This gives a clear, detailed response when working within a few inches of the sound source.

These microphones are tough enough to take on the road and have recently been used on major tours with the bands Foals and Snow Patrol. (As with all microphones, we still advise carful handling.)

“The Black Ops mic is stellar. The muted proximity effect is indeed helpful and the Black Ops’ midrange character is different from the standard BM9, making it a different, but great-sounding beast”. Scott Evans,


Hear the Black Ops mic in action live with Foals

Technical specs

  • Output impedance = 250 ohms at 1KHz
  • Directional Pattern: True figure-8
  • Transducer Element: 2.5 micrometer aluminum ribbon
  • Frequency range: <30 Hz – 15 kHz @ ±3dB
  • Maximum SPL: 135dB @ 20 Hz
  • Proximity effect: Medium
  • Electronics: Passive. No power required
  • Output transformer: Custom Black Ops iron-rich transformer
  • Output Connector: XLR3, Pin 2= +ve, Pin 3 = -ve, Pin 1 = Ground
  • Weight: 355g (microphone only)