In the year 866, Vikings from Denmark invaded York…

The BM9 is inspired by classic Danish microphones from the 1950s and 60s, and is made here in York, so we call it The Viking.

The BM9 is a general purpose bi-directional ribbon microphone, with a symmetric figure-8 pickup pattern. It is designed to be equally at home in front of a guitar amp, or in front of an orchestra. It has a deep, rich bottom end particularly when used close to the source, and has a large bass proximity effect. At the top end the response is smooth and detailed, as one would find in a high end vintage ribbon microphone.

The Sonic Temple

Every Extinct Audio ribbon is sonically tempered for durability and extended life. This involves subjecting the microphone to audio frequency vibrations, which harden and strengthen the aluminium ribbon.

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Deep-field magnets

The Viking utilises a wide, long ribbon in a strong magnetic field to give a strong output with low noise floor. The deep-field magnets ensure linear performance as the ribbon moves from front to rear. Inspired by York Minster, vertical grill slots of different size reduce diffraction and improve rejection from the sides of the microphone.

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Built in Yorkshire.

All the mechanical parts are machined in the UK, and the microphones are assembled here in our workshop in York. Each ribbon is hand-fitted and tuned by Stewart, who has over a decade of experience repairing and building thousands of ribbon microphones.

The low noise output transformers are custom designed and made in York.

Further details

Technical specs

Output impedance = 300 ohms at 1KHz.

Custom options

Other impedances available on request at no extra charge. Because we make the transformers and assemble the microphones in-house, it is a simple task for us to modify the microphones to your requirements.


Ribbons are warrantied for one year – with careful use they should last much longer. All other parts come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.