Extinct Audio ‘Black Black Ops’ Ribbon microphone

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The Black Black Ops is a black nickel plated iteration of our popular Black Ops near-field ribbon microphone.

A rugged version of our popular BM9 ribbon is designed to withstand higher sound pressure volumes found close up in front of guitar amps and other louder instruments – and voices. The black grills not only look sleek, but feature Saatifil Acoustex screening to provide greater wind protection.

The transformer has iron-rich laminations which take a high signal level before saturation, and a lower inductance to compensate for the bass proximity effect. This gives a flatter, detailed response when working within a few inches of the sound source.

These microphones are tough enough to take on the road having recently been used on major tours with the bands Foals and Snow Patrol. (As with all microphones, we still advise carful handling.)

” I took no special pains to protect the review specimen, and it handled everything I could throw at it. The Black Ops makes a great close mic not only on guitar amps but also on bass amps, where I’d probably hesitate to place anything too delicate. It’s also an excellent vocal mic, particularly for those singers who always seem to sound thin, harsh or sibilant on capacitor mics. There is still enough proximity effect to bring a welcome heft to sources that need it, but not so much that close-miking things makes them sound boomy or unbalanced.Sound on Sound

Mechanical parts carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Ribbons are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase, but with care should last many years.

Technical specs:

  • Output impedance = 250 ohms at 1KHz
  • Directional Pattern: True figure-8
  • Transducer Element: 2.5 micrometer aluminum ribbon
  • Frequency range: <30 Hz – 15 kHz @ ±3dB
  • Maximum SPL: 135dB @ 20 Hz
  • Proximity effect: Medium
  • Electronics: Passive. No power required
  • Output transformer*: Custom iron-rich transformer with mu-metal shielding
  • Output Connector: XLR3, Pin 2= +ve, Pin 3 = -ve, Pin 1 = Ground
  • Weight: 355g (microphone only)
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK.
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