The BM9 is equally at home in front of an orchestra or in front of a guitar cab… and everything in between. We have provided some sound clips below. Many of these have been recorded by our customers in their own studios.

Drums and Percussion

Building the drum sound around the BM9 – Johannes Buff


Thomas Nepomuk Jarmer – Steeldrum & Harmonium

By The Factories – Leeched

“First outing for my EXTINCT AUDIO BM9’S as room mics for drums, they dominate the drum sound and with some disgusting pumping they helped make the album feel as aggressive as the band wanted”, Joe Clayton – No Studio.

Joe Montague – Drum Groove


Joe Montague – Drum Grooves. Recorded by Neil Innes of ATA Records, using a BM9


Thomas Nepomuk Jarmer – Upright Piano

A beautiful piano recording by Barkley McKay at Valley Wood Studios.

Vocals & Voices

Akin Amusan – You’re No Good. Vocals recorded using a BM9

Iwan Jenkins reads Shakespeare’s 29th Sonnet… through a BM9

Guitars…. and Ukulele

Acoustic guitar recorded by Don Gunn.

Dale Smith – Ukulele

“Nothing too technical, just stuck-up the mic in my untreated room and hit record. Small EQ, small FX, small compression and thats it” . Thanks to Dale Smith for sharing the clip with us.

Barkley McKay of Valley Wood Studios demos his Guild D4 NT & Martin 00  with a BM9

Chris Mulligan – Guitar Riffs. Recorded by Neil Innes of ATA Records, using a BM9

Matias Reed – Wedding Song (for Paloma & Miche). Recorded by Neil Innes of ATA Records, using a BM9

Badgers Of Honour – Liverpool (clip). Recorded using a BM9

Drums and guitars recorded by Extinct Audio

Orchestral and ensemble

The Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra performing Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante.

Gloucestershire Young Musician of the Year 2018, Lydia Kenny, accompanied by Damian Kenny Piano.

Gareth Wilkins – Harp Meditations. Recorded by Neil Innes of ATA Records, using a BM9

Recording with the BM9 – Youtube playlist