The Rise of Skywalker

A couple of days ago we found out that our BM9's had been used in the soundtrack recording for 'The Rise of Skywalker'. Yes that's right, our microphones were used for John Williams conducting the theme for Star Wars!!!! Our minds are well and truly blown....
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...until last week I had never recorded a Marimba. What an amazing instrument!

"(the Marimba's) tonal subtlety coupled with a battery of rapid transients requires a careful choice of microphone/s.………… In the end I realised that what was really needed was a high quality stereo ribbon!" Martin Mitchell recently recorded Darcy Beck, winner of Gloucestershire Young Musician of The Year 2020.
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BM9's are great for horns!

Can you record horns with a ribbon mic? The Frankfurt Radio Big Band think so!
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FAQ - How not to clean a microphone

A studio ribbon microphone should not need much in the way of cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it down but avoid strong solvents and metal polish.
Here are a few things not to do...

Latest Reviews

"With each Ribbon microphone fitted and tuned from their York-based UK facility by non-other than Stewart Tavener himself, Extinct Audio are fast gaining a reputation for extremely high quality, well-constructed ribbon microphones at a very attractive price-point. With a detailed yet vintage tone, the BM9 combines modern utility with classic design - exhibiting extremely low noise, rich lows and a clear, intelligible top-end. Beautifully made, with a fantastic sound too boot - well worth a spot on your 2020 wish-list."

Funky Junk, London

"Just wanted to say after using the Black Ops mic over a few months now. This is the most amazing microphone I’ve ever used. I feel inspired using it, the warmth and richness from this is what I’ve been searching for, for quite some time. The build quality is solid and the design is quite special. This microphone makes me smile every time I see it."

Dominic Halpin

"Used my BM9 on vocals the other day and it was lovely. A little high shelf boost, a little low cut - sounded big and rich and detailed AND I was surprised at how much level I got from it. Really nice!"

Scott Evans, Antisleep

"The build quality on the BM9s is amazing, I’m very impressed with them (and the box too, beautifully made!) I shall definitely recommend you highly to anyone I know in need of ribbon mics or repair. "

Dan Skinner, SkinnerBrosMusic, Liverpool, UK

"Hi Adam/Stewart The two BM9s arrived safely on Tuesday and I've spent the last couple of days trying them out in various ways on my new Shigeru SK5 chamber grand. The only word that comes to mind is - perfect. Up till now I've been using a Royer SF12 and various other mics but these are the absolute icing on the cake. May your business go from strength to strength."

Paul Carroll, Spiral Music, UK

"I received the [Extinct Audio] transformer well packed and thank you for the gift ;) I've done some tests with very good results. Warm, sweet sound. Detailed but very soft in the high range. Bass is open and large."

Maël Bellec, France (Melodium 42B replacement transformer)