Racingbike by .KLEIN

.KLEIN (Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer) recently sent us this unmastered recording of 'Racingbike'. The vocals were recorded using an Extinct Audio BM9 whilst the guitars were recorded using Xaudia upgraded ribbon mics.

Indian Cello - Asha McCarthy

"This cello was the 2nd made to this design. It was originally designed by Saskia Rao de Haas, who has pioneered the use of cello in Hindustani music. I studied with her in Delhi and eventually had this cello made by the same maker, Eduard Van Tongeren, in Holland". Engineer and producer Daniel Inzani recorded Asha McCarthy playing her incredible-sounding Indian Cello using a spaced pair of BM9 ribbon microphones with FetHead boosters to capture the unique tone of this rare instrument.

Piano and Hammond at Valleywood Studio

We spent a day at Valley Wood Studios, recording grand piano and Hammond organ with Barkley McKay.
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If you are looking for a stereo ribbon mic... this is it!

Martin Mitchell reviews the BMx2 Valkyr Blumlein stereo ribbon microphone.
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Latest Reviews

"I haven't put it down! It's really surprised me how versatile it is. I'm really impressed with it on amplifiers too - I expected to use it alongside a 57 or 421 but it sounds so good by itself. It's the first time that what I am recording sounds identical to the amplifier in the room. Definitely my go-to set up for clean guitar tones. I could do with another one or ten of these."

Daniel Collins (BM9 ribbon microphone)

"Following the success and critical acclaim of the ‘Viking’ BM9, Extinct Audio have continued the Nordic theme with their latest creation the ‘Valkyr’ BMx2 Blumlien Stereo Ribbon Microphone. If you are looking for a stereo ribbon mic which sounds fantastic and looks stunning this is it! The immediate reaction of performers and audio colleagues is ‘Wow, what is that’? Even the ‘Fenrir’ anti-vibration mount is a beautiful and effective piece of engineering, gripping the mic firmly and making it easy to position...."

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"The Extinct Audio BM9s are classy and confidence-inspiring right out of the (very lovely) box. Every engineer I’ve handed them to immediately commented on the heft, build quality, and general good looks….. In every instance the mics were fantastic. Over and over they made my go-to guitar dynamic mics sound broken and one-dimensional in comparison…. At this price they’re a f***ing steal. Buy a pair." Tape Op  (Issue #127). Read the full review here

"The Black Ops mic is stellar. The muted proximity effect is indeed helpful and the Black Ops’ midrange character is different from the standard BM9, making it a different, but great-sounding beast." Scott Evans,

"I want at least 6 of them now!" Nigel Pepper, FOH engineer, Snow Patrol

"I use the BM9 on drums as a mono crushed mic. Man its so good. I love it as much as the RCA 44! Lovely controlled lows." Robert Charles Wilks, Kent, UK