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Born to Play - Dominic Halpin

The new music video for 'Born to Play' by Dominic Halpin is available to watch on YouTube now and features our very own Black Ops microphone. Great video! Great song! Get your ears around this.
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The Extinct Audio Reverb Store is open for business.

We have opened a store on Reverb.com for Extinct Audio parts and accessories. We encourage customers in the European Union to use the Reverb store for orders of less than 150 Euros.
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IDLES Late Show Blue - 1

Black Ops mics on The Late Show with IDLES

The day before their set at Coachella 2022, IDLES performed a live version of single 'Crawl', on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Our Black Ops mics have fast become "... the main part of the guitar sound..." for live shows according to Chris Fullard (FOH engineer, IDLES).
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Hainbach - 1

Hainbach - Studio Tour (feat. a BM9 stereo pair)

Berlin based electronic music composer and performer, Hainbach, has been fascinated with electronic sounds since he discovered the dial on the radio. Last month he published a jaw-dropping video tour of his studio, which features a stereo pair of BM9's on his beautiful Bechstein Model 10 piano. "As I evolve as an artist, it evolves around me, and it rarely ever stays the same for a month. Because many of you asked for it, here is a snapshot of it as of right now, March 2022."
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Latest Reviews

I had the review BM9 ribbon microphones on loan for a couple of months, and on every occasion where I needed either a figure‑8 microphone or a characteristically ‘ribbon‑y’ sound, they stepped up and delivered the goods. Not only do they sound great… they’re stylish, lightweight and easy to position… and they’re built like a tank, and usable on quiet sources. In short, the BM9 presents a very nicely judged balance of the classic and the modern, at a price level you don’t normally associate with ‘boutique’ microphones. I have bought the review pair!

Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound - April 2018

Black Ops makes a great close mic not only on guitar amps but also on bass amps, where I’d probably hesitate to place anything too delicate. It’s also an excellent vocal mic, particularly for those singers who always seem to sound thin, harsh or sibilant on capacitor mics. I think Stewart has judged the voicing very nicely: there’s still enough proximity effect to bring a welcome heft to sources that need it, but not so much that close-miking things makes them sound boomy or unbalanced.

Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound - June 2019

Whichever model you choose, the Ex-tinct BM9 and Black Ops are a great blend of classic ribbon tone, built and tailored to the modern studio. They’re well made, classy looking, and despite being from a young company, they will quickly feel like tried and true friends.More good news: the BM9 and Black Ops are a respectable $617 each. This is a great deal for quality, UK made, hand built ribbon mics.

Paul Vnuk Jr, Recording - January 2020

Was haben Komponisten wie Nils Frahm, Hollywood-Legende John Williams und Bands wie Snow Patrol und Foals gemeinsam? Richtig, sie alle verwenden Bändchenmikrofone des englischen Herstellers Extinct Audio. Autor Raphael Tschernuth hat alle drei Mikrofonmodelle unter die Lupe genommen und konnte dem viel beschäftigten Inhaber Stewart Tavener ein spannendes Interview über eine wiederauferstandene Spezies entlocken.

Raphael Tschernuth, Professional Audio (german press) - June 2020

Wat opvalt is de degelijkheid en de bouwkwaliteit van zowel de BM9 als de speciale microfoonklemmen. De expertise en ervaring van Extinct Audio blijkt overduidelijk. Deze ribbonmicrofoon maakt prachtige, open en gedefi – neerde opnamen met een goede balans tussen karakter en transparantie. Het proximity-effect bij deze microfoon is erg sterk; dat maakt hem zeer geschikt als aanvullende microfoon. Maar hij kan ook zeker in z’n eentje een opname dragen. Het middengebied is, evenals het tophoog, zeer gedefi neerd, rustig en transparant, ook bij hoge volumes. Door de prachtige, open klank kun je rustig stellen dat de BM9 een stuk duurder klinkt dan dat hij daadwerkelijk is.

What stands out is the solidity and build quality of both the BM9 and the special microphone clamps. The expertise and experience of Extinct Audio is obvious. This ribbon microphone produces beautiful, open and defined recordings with a good balance between character and transparency. The proximity effect with this microphone is very strong; that makes it very suitable as an additional microphone. But it can certainly carry a recording by itself. The midrange, like the top highs, is very defined, calm and transparent, even at high volumes. Due to the beautiful, open sound, you can safely say that the BM9 sounds a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Read the full review at the link below. (In Dutch)


Sascha Meijer, Interface Magazine (Dutch) - May 2020

"With each Ribbon microphone fitted and tuned from their York-based UK facility by non-other than Stewart Tavener himself, Extinct Audio are fast gaining a reputation for extremely high quality, well-constructed ribbon microphones at a very attractive price-point. With a detailed yet vintage tone, the BM9 combines modern utility with classic design - exhibiting extremely low noise, rich lows and a clear, intelligible top-end. Beautifully made, with a fantastic sound too boot - well worth a spot on your 2020 wish-list."

Funky Junk, London