Extinct Audio BM9

"My favourite ribbon microphone of all time"


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People Say…

“I think I am falling in love with this mic! It is without doubt one of the most pleasing mics I have come across. The balance of the sound really sits well on my ears and with the acoustic instruments I have tried so far I have felt no inclination to reach for the EQ…. My favourite ribbon microphone of all time.” Martin Mitchell, Freelance Sound Engineer.

“They are really great. Their tone sits between a 4038 and a Royer 122 and they have a lovely bass tip up. Slightly more pronounced we think than a 4038 at a given distance.” Jamie Neale, Real World Studios.

“I am really, really impressed with how good they are. I have a bunch of large ribbon 1950’s RCA 44 type mics and they stand up to them no problem and actually in a lot of ways are better. They have that large ribbon sound. Very natural, great highs and lows and everything in between.” Neil Innes, ATA Records.


12 March 2018

Matin Mitchell’s stunning recording of Gloucestershire Young Musician of the Year 2018, Lydia Kenny, accompanied by Damian Kenny Piano. Recorded with a matched stereo pair of BM9 Vikings. For more info check out Martin blog.

9 March 2018

Barkley McKay of Valley Wood Studios demos his Martin 00  & Guild D4 NT with a BM9 Viking


19 February 2018

Akin Amusan – You’re No Good. The latest track from ATA Records ongoing FREE DOWNLOAD compilation. Vocals recorded using our very own BM9 Viking.

8 February 2018

5 February 2018

To hear how this set up sounds check out Joe’s Drum Grooves playlist – all recorded using one BM9!

18 January 2018

“…Extinct Audio’s BM9 is a superb, hand built, ribbon microphone, in the finest tradition of Yorkshire craftsmanship and engineering…It is a joy to work with…”.

A fantastic review of the BM9 by Martin Mitchell today. Read his full blog post here.

18 December  2017

Thanks to Barkley McKay at Valley Wood Studios for sharing this beautiful piano recording.

8th December 2017

BM9 ribbon mics on test at Real World Studios

December 2017

Welcome to the new Extinct Audio website. We are very pleased to announce that the long awaited, and eagerly anticipated BM9 studio ribbon microphone is now available.

Adam, Ant & Stewart , December 2017.