A beaut ukulele clip!

"Nothing too technical, just stuck-up the mic in my untreated room and hit record. Small EQ, small FX, small compression and that's it" . Thanks to Dale Smith for sharing this clip with us.
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BM9 - a true figure 8 ribbon microphone

Iwan Jenkins uses his BM9 for voiceover work in Canada and has one of the greatest voices known to man. He asked the sensible question, " there a difference in sound between the front and the back?"
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Sound On Sound review the BM9

Not only do they sound great… they’re stylish, lightweight and easy to position… and they’re built like a tank, and usable on quiet sources.
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REP Music’s ribbon mic shoot out video featuring the BM9

“The new Extinct Audio BM9s were a real surprise. They are really light and much easier to position as a pair. When I heard a range of blind samples from an SOS mic test, I picked out the BM9s as the best sounding mic"
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Latest Reviews

"The Black Ops mic is stellar. The muted proximity effect is indeed helpful and the Black Ops’ midrange character is different from the standard BM9, making it a different, but great-sounding beast." Scott Evans,

"I want at least 6 of them now!" Nigel Pepper, FOH engineer, Snow Patrol

"I use the BM9 on drums as a mono crushed mic. Man its so good. I love it as much as the RCA 44! Lovely controlled lows." Robert Charles Wilks, Kent, UK

"BM9 ribbon from Extinct Audio sounding amazing! Vibe, detail and presence for days with zero noise... I'm in love!" Johannes Buff, France

"I had the review BM9 ribbon microphones on loan for a couple of months, and on every occasion where I needed either a figure‑8 microphone or a characteristically ‘ribbon‑y’ sound, they stepped up and delivered the goods. Not only do they sound great… they’re stylish, lightweight and easy to position… and they’re built like a tank, and usable on quiet sources. In short, the BM9 presents a very nicely judged balance of the classic and the modern, at a price level you don’t normally associate with ‘boutique’ microphones. I have bought the review pair!" read the full review, Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound , April 2018

"We've been trying them on various different sources over the past few weeks and they've performed really well on everything. You've left us with no choice but to buy both of them!" Matt Jagger, Konk Studios, London, UK