42B V BSKR - 1
July 11, 2024

Melodium 42B V's Extinct Audio Berserker

Another shootout video. This time between a Melodium 42B and an Extinct Audio Berserker. Surely they can't sound the same?

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BIg Ribbon Sound - 1
June 19, 2024

How to get that BIG ribbon sound (using a small ribbon microphone)

If you can find one, a BBC Marconi AXBT will set you back several thousand pounds. The Extinct Audio BoRbon ...

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News - Chris Helme - All In Our Minds (Live at The Den, The Micklegate Social, York) - 1
February 28, 2024

Chris Helme - All In Our Minds (Live at The Den, The Micklegate Social, York)

A live version of ‘All In Our Minds’ from the forthcoming album ‘World Of My Own’ out March 29th 2024. ...

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Recording - news - 1
March 27, 2024

BoRbon review in Recording Magazine

“If you crave with a classic, rich vintage tone, the BoRbon has all that and then some.”

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Head Cheese - news - 1
March 25, 2024

OneMic presents Psycotic Pineapple performing “Head Cheese”.

John Cuniberti's OneMic series showcases recording artists performing songs around one stereo ribbon microphone. This performance is captured entirely in ...

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Chris Helme - Too Bad (Live) - 1
February 19, 2024

Chris Helme - Too Bad - Live from The Den, Micklegate Social, York

Chris Helme performing his latest single 'Too Bad' live from The Den, Micklegate Social, York. Featuring Extinct Audio's Berserker on ...

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Hainbach #1 - 1
November 24, 2023

BM9 takes the top spot.

"Extinct Audio's BM9, as a matched stereo pair, is my absolute favourite microphone in my studio". Berlin based electronic music ...

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JD - Violin - news - 1
July 13, 2023

Excerpt from Poème Élégiaque by Eugène Ysaÿe. Performed by Ainur Tulendiava and Dina Vainshtein.

"...a quick demo recording using the Extinct Audio stereo Valkyr. It was an unusual space, but an impressive capture. Love ...

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Fabian H - 1
May 2, 2023

BEST Setup for Recording Acoustic Guitar with 2 Mics??

"...the BM9 is a handmade ribbon mic from the UK which sounds as good as it looks and has such ...

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IMG_3547 (1)
March 10, 2023

The Active BM9 is here!

The Active BM9 employs a balanced transistor amplifier, with no capacitors in the signal chain. This gives an additional 20dB in ...

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