"I haven't put it down! It's really surprised me how versatile it is. I'm really impressed with it on amplifiers too - I expected to use it alongside a 57 or 421 but it sounds so good by itself. It's the first time that what I am recording sounds identical to the amplifier in the room. Definitely my go-to set up for clean guitar tones. I could do with another one or ten of these."

Daniel Collins (BM9 ribbon microphone)

"Following the success and critical acclaim of the ‘Viking’ BM9, Extinct Audio have continued the Nordic theme with their latest creation the ‘Valkyr’ BMx2 Blumlien Stereo Ribbon Microphone. If you are looking for a stereo ribbon mic which sounds fantastic and looks stunning this is it! The immediate reaction of performers and audio colleagues is ‘Wow, what is that’? Even the ‘Fenrir’ anti-vibration mount is a beautiful and effective piece of engineering, gripping the mic firmly and making it easy to position...."

Read the full review at Martin Mitchell’s Microphone Blog

"The Extinct Audio BM9s are classy and confidence-inspiring right out of the (very lovely) box. Every engineer I’ve handed them to immediately commented on the heft, build quality, and general good looks….. In every instance the mics were fantastic. Over and over they made my go-to guitar dynamic mics sound broken and one-dimensional in comparison…. At this price they’re a f***ing steal. Buy a pair." Tape Op  (Issue #127). Read the full review here

"The Black Ops mic is stellar. The muted proximity effect is indeed helpful and the Black Ops’ midrange character is different from the standard BM9, making it a different, but great-sounding beast." Scott Evans, antisleep.com

"I want at least 6 of them now!" Nigel Pepper, FOH engineer, Snow Patrol

"I use the BM9 on drums as a mono crushed mic. Man its so good. I love it as much as the RCA 44! Lovely controlled lows." Robert Charles Wilks, Kent, UK

"BM9 ribbon from Extinct Audio sounding amazing! Vibe, detail and presence for days with zero noise... I'm in love!" Johannes Buff, France

"I had the review BM9 ribbon microphones on loan for a couple of months, and on every occasion where I needed either a figure‑8 microphone or a characteristically ‘ribbon‑y’ sound, they stepped up and delivered the goods. Not only do they sound great… they’re stylish, lightweight and easy to position… and they’re built like a tank, and usable on quiet sources. In short, the BM9 presents a very nicely judged balance of the classic and the modern, at a price level you don’t normally associate with ‘boutique’ microphones. I have bought the review pair!" Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound. Read the full review here

"We've been trying them on various different sources over the past few weeks and they've performed really well on everything. You've left us with no choice but to buy both of them!" Matt Jagger, Konk Studios, London, UK

"It's a fine mic, the most neutral ribbon I ever used. This and a good EQ would record anything. The thing I noticed the most is the absence of mid bump in the frequency response, it takes EQ so well that you can make it sound bright, deep and neutral as a C12/CK12 equipped mic without harsh mid bump in the way. I like the fact the mic reach the extreme highs easily. It's the type of mic you can trust on the sound quality. Funny enough, the mic in my locker which sounds the closest is a mint later [Melodium] 42B with a very impressive sound. " Jérôme Cousin, L’Atelier du Microphone, Saint Thual, France

"The new BM9 sounds incredible on guitars. Such a detailed sound." Jonny Hooker, Young Thugs Studios, York, UK

"This mic sounds fricking nutz! Amaze balls! Thank you guys so much! " Ben Lee, Eugene, OR, USA

"It sounds wonderful. Looks fantastic too! The bottom end on these mics is rich and deep with a clear top end just like you promised. I really like it’s smaller size for a ribbon mic which makes it great for combining with other mics and getting close to source on acoustic instruments without crowding the performer. Great value for money. " Russell Pay, London, UK

"The new Extinct Audio BM9s were a real surprise. They are really light and much easier to position as a pair. When I heard a range of blind samples from an SOS mic test, I picked out the BM9s as the best sounding mic.... since making these videos I’ve bought two BM9s." Robin Phillips, REP Music, UK

"Wow! I initially tried them on a mid-size grand piano, and A/B’d them with some LDCs. The BM9’s had a larger soundstage, and a really beautiful low end, while actually sounding more open than the condensers!… They absolutely SLAY on piano – seemingly adding 2 feet (and a suboctave) to my Baldwin Grand. Huge but tight bass, with a clear and extended top end." Dave Mallen, Innovation Station Music, Annadale, Virginia, USA

"The BM9‘s are great…. Sounded stellar on double bass, room mics and acoustic guitar." Ali Chant, The Playpen Studios / Toybox, UK

"They are really great. Their tone sits between a 4038 and a Royer 122 and they have a lovely bass tip up. Slightly more pronounced we think than a 4038 at a given distance. " Jamie Neale, Real World Studios, UK

"I am really, really impressed with how good they are. I have a bunch of large ribbon 1950's RCA 44 type mics and they stand up to them no problem and actually in a lot of ways are better. They have that large ribbon sound. Very natural, great highs and lows and everything in between." Neil Innes, ATA Records, UK

"I think I am falling in love with this mic! It is without doubt one of the most pleasing mics I have come across. The balance of the sound really sits well on my ears and with the acoustic instruments I have tried so far I have felt no inclination to reach for the EQ.... My favourite ribbon microphone of all time." Martin Mitchell, Freelance Sound Engineer, UK read Martins full review

"I've had the pleasure of trying the microphone with numerous instruments and on numerous sessions...including, drums, guitar cabinets, acoustic guitars, voice, percussion, and quite a few varying acoustic stringed instruments. The BM9 went above and beyond my expectations in all these applications.... It has also been a great pleasure when highlighting the BM9 in a mix...it sounds incredibly rich. It's also incredibly quiet! I am considering purchasing another one soon." Douglas September, Canada

"This mic (BM9)is becoming a trusted member of my standard kit." Jeff Ardon, St Austral Sound, UK