James Heather - 1 (1)
April 25, 2022

James Heather on tracking down & recording the perfect piano

"Heather tested more than a hundred pianos in search of the perfect sound, landing on a Viennese Bosendorfer built in ...

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Lord Huron - BM9 - 1
September 21, 2022

Lord Huron - Way Out There (Alive From Whispering Pines) - 18/03/2021

Originally airing on 18th March 2021, this version of “Way Out There" by Lord Huron was recorded live at Whispering ...

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Garrett Fischbach - news - 1
August 30, 2022

BACH: Sarabanda from Partita No. 1 - Garrett Fischbach

"My aim was to capture a very direct sound, with a tactile sense of the bow on the string. I ...

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DH - 1
June 8, 2022

Born to Play - Dominic Halpin

The new music video for 'Born to Play' by Dominic Halpin is available to watch on YouTube now and features ...

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Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 10.25.32
May 28, 2022

The Extinct Audio Reverb Store is open for business.

We have opened a store on Reverb.com for Extinct Audio parts and accessories. We encourage customers in the European Union ...

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IDLES Late Show Blue - 1
April 25, 2022

Black Ops mics on The Late Show with IDLES

The day before their set at Coachella 2022, IDLES performed a live version of single 'Crawl', on The Late Show ...

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Hainbach - 1
April 5, 2022

Hainbach - Studio Tour (feat. a BM9 stereo pair)

Berlin based electronic music composer and performer, Hainbach, has been fascinated with electronic sounds since he discovered the dial on ...

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Faulkner Phased Array - 1
March 17, 2022

The Faulkner Phased Array

Martin Mitchell has written a great post on his microphone blog, about the lesser know Faulkner Phased Array. Invented circa ...

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News! - 3
March 2, 2022

Ex Cathedra - Conducted by Jeffrey Skidmore

Recorded by Rob Hobson at Birmingham Symphony Hall in June 2021, the concert was recorded with the Extinct Audio Valkyr ...

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News! - 1
March 2, 2022

1940 Welmar Piano & BM9 Spaced Pair

A few weeks ago Barkley McKay from Valley Wood Studio in Leeds, sent through a beautiful recording of himself playing ...

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