BM9’s are great for horns!

BM9's are great for horns!

We often get asked if BM9’s can be used on louder sound sources (drums, loud guitars, horns etc), and it is true that this was one of the drivers for developing our Black Ops microphone, but as these two clips demonstrate, providing care is taken with the placement of the microphone (and you don’t blow directly in to it!), the ribbon will not only deliver warm, clear sound, but it will last you for many years.


The first clip is and except from a concert by the Brian Blade Fellowship featuring the hr_BIG BAND (Frankfurt Radio Big Band). The BM9 takes centre stage for lead saxophone duties!

Watch the full concert here

This second clip from a session with the Toby Brazier Sextet, recorded by Barkley McKay at Valley Wood Studios, with a BM9 being utilised to capture the trumpet.


March 11, 2020