Extinct Audio BM9 Stereo Pair. The Perfect Microphones for Classical Recording

The Perfect Microphones for Classical Recording

Martin Mitchell recently recorded The Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra performing Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante.

“Slung across the hall several metres behind the conductor the BM9 stereo pair capture every nuance and texture of the performance. Recording at a distance from the stage these microphones produce a remarkable sense of ‘presence’, placing the listener firmly in ‘the best seat in the house’.”

“I really do think that it is a mic that serious classical engineers should go for. The sound of that viola is probably the best I have ever heard! Even after it has gone through the YouTube mangle it still sounds great!”

“The stereo imaging and balance are excellent, and even at that distance, the soloists are still right in yer face, BUT without the nasty hf scraping you often get from close micing strings with expensive condensers! Ribbons on strings are magic.”
“And yes…..it was fun getting the mics up there!”. 

November 26, 2018