Hainbach – Studio Tour (feat. a BM9 stereo pair)

Hainbach - Studio Tour (feat. a BM9 stereo pair)

Berlin based electronic music composer and performer, Hainbach, has been fascinated with electronic sounds since he discovered the dial on the radio. Last month he published a jaw-dropping video tour of his studio, which features a stereo pair of BM9’s on his beautiful Bechstein Model 10 piano.

If you have been following me you might have seen my studio grow over time. It was always a strange hodgepodge of instruments, held together with IKEA and duct tape. As I evolve as an artist, it evolves around me, and it rarely ever stays the same for a month…here is a snapshot of it as of right now, March 2022. From gear to acoustics, there is a lot covered here. Still lots to be done here, but it should give you an overview and maybe make you happy that your setup is either similarly complex or much simpler. For me, it just works.”

Skip to 2:20 if you just want to see and hear the BM9’s.



April 5, 2022