Joe Clayton – No Studio

You Took The Sun When You Left - Leeched

Recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton at No Studio, “You Took The Sun When You Left” by Leeched, showcases just how well the BM9 can work in extremely loud situations. On the recording of the album Joe says, “…(it’s) an absolutely punishing record. I knew it was always going to be heavy but we made a very hostile sounding album. First outing for my EXTINCT AUDIO BM9’S as room mics for drums, they dominate the drum sound and with some disgusting pumping they helped make the album feel as aggressive as the band wanted.” Joe’s also been speaking with Scott Evans about using the BM9’s, “… I saw his review in Tape Op (I’m a big fan of his band and productions), and he gave me the confidence to put them on some super loud guitars last weekend. Really really happy with how they sounded. They’ve been on every session I’ve had since I got them”.

October 8, 2018