People Say…

A nice clip of one of our BM9‘s in action in the studio with Johannes Bluff.

People Say…

“BM9 ribbon from Extinct Audio sounding amazing! Vibe, detail and presence for days with zero noise… I’m in love!” Johannes Buff, France.

“This mic sounds fricking nutz! Amaze balls! Thank you guys so much!” Ben Lee, Eugene, OR, USA.

“It sounds wonderful. Looks fantastic too! The bottom end on these mics is rich and deep with a clear top end just like you promised. I really like it’s smaller size for a ribbon mic which makes it great for combining with other mics and getting close to source on acoustic instruments without crowding the performer. Great value for money. ” Russell Pay, London, UK.

“Wow”! I initially tried them on a mid-size grand piano, and A/B’d them with some LDCs. The BM9’s had a larger soundstage, and a really beautiful low end, while actually sounding more open than the condensers!… They absolutely SLAY on piano – seemingly adding 2 feet (and a suboctave) to my Baldwin Grand. Huge but tight bass, with a clear and extended top end.” Dave Mallen, Innovation Station Music, Annadale, Virginia, USA.

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May 3, 2018