Replacing the O-rings on your Fenrir Mount

How to replace the O-rings on your Fenrir Vibration Mount.

1. Remove the two mounting post screws using a 1.5 allen key.     



2.  Loosen the Fenrir’s clamp to open the jaws and detach the jaws assembly from the mounting post.



3.  Remove the four top post screws using a 2.0 allen key. LEAVE THE PIVOT SCREWS IN PLACE.



4.  Remove the top bracket assembly.


5.  Remove all the old O-rings. Then slide the new O-rings on to the posts and position into the grooves (2 per post). Repeat this for all four posts.



6.  Reposition the top bracket assembly and replace the four post screws.




7.  Pinch the Fenrir jaws together so that you can slide the Fenrir’s clamp back into position and slide the jaws assembly back in to the slots on the mounting post.



8.  Manually open the Fenrir jaws so that the assembly stays in position.


9.  Replace both mounting post screws.



10.  DONE! You now have a new set of O-rings on your Fenrir Vibration Mount.

January 14, 2019