That 60s Recording Podcast

Joe Monty - Podcast #3 - 1

That 60s Recording Podcast

Our friend, expert drummer and self confessed Beatles obsessive Joe Montague, recently launched ‘That 60’s Recording Podcast‘, where every fortnight he chats with a different guest about ideas and techniques on all things vintage recording and production!

In episode #3 Joe is joined by our very own designer and engineer, Stewart Tavener, to discuss the history of microphones, Russians, Skunks and building microphones.


As well as ‘That 60s Recording Podcast’, every fortnight Joe records drums for a different Beatles song (replicating the mic techniques used at Abbey Road), running the mix through his Revox tape machine for an authentic 60s sound and sends out the 60s drum mix and stems of all 14 mics – completely FREE!!!  

For more details or to contact Joe regarding session work visit All You Need Is Drums.

June 5, 2020