My Funny Valentine - Rachel Croft & Karl Mullen (Live Jazz Cover Video)

Performed by: Rachel Croft & Karl Mullen

Live Jazz Cover Video of “My Funny Valentine” by Rachel Croft & Karl Mullen @ Young Thugs Studio.

Recorded & engineered by Jonny Hooker, Young Thugs Studios.


Signal chain: Extinct Audio BM9 > Cadac J series > Pro Tools


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Video credits: Catherine England

Audio Credits: Vocals – Rachel Croft. Piano – Karl Mullen. Songwriter – Richard Rodgers. Recording and mixing – Young Thugs Studios.

About this song: One of our favourite songs, this is a live version of “My Funny Valentine” by Richard Rodgers, recorded in January 2022 at Young Thugs Studios, York. Vocalist Rachel Croft and pianist Karl Mullen formed the Croft & Mullen Band in 2015. The well established duo, which primarily focuses on jazz and the Great American Songbook, has the range and versatility to perform across a broader range of genres, delivering a performance full of quality and grace every time. Option for a four piece band available.

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