Daniel Collins – Guitars

"I could do with another one or ten of these."

Producer and musician Daniel Collins has recorded at Abbey Road, and was part of the team behind the acclaimed Chapel Sessions. He recently purchased an Extinct Audio BM9, and set about recording straight away.

Daniel was kind enough to share these initial recordings with us. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, all recorded throughhis BM9 ribbon microphone. All these examples were recorded without any additional processing.  He wrote….

“I haven’t put it down! It’s really surprised me how versatile it is. I’m really impressed with it on amplifiers too – I expected to use it alongside a 57 or 421 but it sounds so good by itself. It’s the first time that what I am recording sounds identical to the amplifier in the room. Definitely my go-to set up for clean guitar tones. I could do with another one or ten of these.”

Signal chain: Acoustic. 
Martin D-15M > Extinct Audio BM9 (15 inches away from 12th fret) > Focusrite 18i20 > Pro Tools.

Signal chain: Electric
Epiphone Les Paul > Vox Amplifier AC10 Custom > Extinct Audio BM9 (11 inches away from Speaker on axis) > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Pro Tools.

March 19, 2019