Julius Keisari & Suave – Heitteri

Julius Keisari & Suave - Heitteri (Finnish hip-hop recorded with two mics!)

“This recording was captured using a matched pair of Extinct Audio BM9 ribbon microphones in Blumlein (XY) configuration.

Ribbon microphones are known for their natural ‘sound’. These microphones ‘hear’ the material being picked up by the human ear. This recording technique (Blumlein) gives you a realistic picture of the band / artist in the room. Efforts have been made to minimize post-processing of the recording.

Recorded at the Kalevi Aho Hall of the Lahti Music Institute.

The entire recording was made with two BM9 ribbon microphones using a stereo coupler, by recording engineer Juha Keinänen. The band, amplifiers and instruments are positioned accordingly, allowing the microphones to capture a balanced stereo image.

No overdubs were recorded.

The recording process is challenging for both the engineer and the band. The space, the band and the atmosphere create a unique moment in the recording where everything is at its best. The recording is live and every musician is responsible for playing dynamics and playing the right thing.”

The material is licensed to Julius Keisari & Suave.

– Recording / Mastering – Juha Keinänen
– Director / Editing – Mikko Hovi



  • Julius Keisari


  • Tuomas Karavirta – Guitar
  • Ville Mettälä – Bass
  • Antti Leminen – Drums
  • Tero Vainio – Keyboards
  • Aleksi Saraskari – Trombone
  • Ville Karjalainen – Trumpet (not in session)
  • Danny Value – Vocals, Percussion
  • Juice Leskinen – Vocals
  • Femman Emma – Vocals

*translated from Finnish.

January 9, 2020