Triton Fethead in-line microphone booster

£65.00 (£54.17+VAT)

Handy phantom-powered in-line booster for ribbon mics. Up to +27dB gain!

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FetHead is a low-noise, high quality, in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides improved sound for ribbon and dynamic microphones. The electronics are housed in a robust metal chassis with a balanced 3-pole female XLR input and a balanced 3-pole male XLR output, rugged enough for use at home, in the studio or on tour.

Which microphones benefit? (From the manufacturer’s website)

In short, we noticed an improvement on all tested microphones. A Shure SM57 for instance, sounds more responsive over a broader frequency range. When mated with a high-end dynamic microphone like a Sennheiser MD441, or Shure SM7 FetHead really shines. Ribbon microphones benefit greatly too because of a much better impedance match, which lessens the load on the microphone, giving it better transient response characteristics. FetHeads high quality, low noise signal amplification also extends the usable range of a ribbon microphone, making it more suitable for recording softer passages.

  • For Ribbon and dynamic microphones
  • Ultra low noise Class A JFet amplifier
  • 27dB’s of clean gain
  • Allows your mic to perform under “no-load” condition
  • Easy Install
  • Lowers the noise floor of your recordings
  • Sheilded enclosure
  • 4 Matched JFets

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