BMx2 ‘Valkyr’ Stereo Ribbon Microphone

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If you are looking for a stereo ribbon mic which sounds fantastic and looks stunning this is it!” Martin Mitchell’s Microphone Blog

Beautifully engineered. – A nicely judged balance of classic ribbon sound and modern high fidelity” Sound on Sound

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The Valkyr is the stereo version of our popular BM9 ribbon microphone, and is a perfect one-point solution for recording ensemble, orchestral or choral performances. It also makes an excellent live room or drum overhead microphone, and is ideal for use in larger spaces. The Valkyr has a fixed 90 degree angle and is perfect for mid-side or Blumlein recording.

Built from brass and steel, and finished in a matt nickel plating, Valkyr is engineered to make music and look beautiful for decades to come.

“Valkyr captures an intimate and detailed stereo image conveying the exact positioning of the performers…. The balance across the frequency range is excellent and requires absolutely nothing in the way of post-production EQ…. For accurate ‘real stereo’ recording, the Valkyr provides an extremely cost effective, and unobtrusive solution…. The audio arriving at the front of the mics is phase coherent and the rich acoustics are also accurately reproduced, capturing a clear impression of the building.” Martin Mitchell’s Microphone Blog

“I quickly grabbed the BMx2, which had been doing duty as a room mic, and repurposed it as a vocal mic, placed on an imaginary line between the guitar and bass amps. The lower element, facing towards the singer, gave me a remarkably spill-free vocal sound, while the upper element was still usable as a room mic, with virtually no vocal pickup.” Sound on Sound

Valkyr is supplied with hard case, 5-pin stereo XLR cable (4 metres), breakout box and Fenrir mount.

Please note that stereo microphones are tuned and matched to order, and will take around 5 working days to ship.

Mechanical parts carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Ribbons and cables are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase, but with care should last many years.

All of our microphones are machined and built in Yorkshire, England.




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