Extinct Audio 4033-x dual transducer microphone

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The Extinct Audio 4033-x is conceptually similar to the original STC 4033A, but made with modern materials for a much higher output and signal to noise. It will of course interface with modern equipment without the need for an external transformer box or booster. Most of the body parts are exact cast brass replicas of the original microphones.

The old 4033a used the combination of omnidirectional dynamic capsule with a figure-8 ribbon to give an approximately cardioid pattern. This was useful in the 1930s and 40s because there were few options for unidirectional microphones which were needed for  the movie industry but it was always a bit of a fudge and the patterns lost precision at the top and bottom ends of the spectrum.

Here in 2023 there are thousands of options for cardioid mics so we felt that adherence to polarity patterns was not the priority for our redesign. Instead, we prioritised tone over strict adherence to polar patterns. The ribbon motor is our own design of course but close to the original dimensions and sound, just a lot louder and a touch less dark (old 4033s vary a lot and some have 80 year old ribbons which have become dark and stiff (and possibly noisy) with
time). The dynamic capsule is and OEM part made for a famous Swiss / German microphone company and we selected for the best sounding blend to complement the ribbon. It has a bit more lower and mid range than the original STC omni capsules, which can sound a bit crunchy.

The 4033-x microphone has three positions, ribbon only, dynamic only and ‘combined’ mode. Both elements have their own custom transformers, designed and made by Extinct Audio. The output impedance is 300 ohms in all


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