The Fenrir vibration mount

The Fenrir mount is a rugged vibration mount for the Extinct Audio family of ribbon microphones.

Fenrir clamps the microphone gently, yet firmly in its jaws.

The twin-yoke design and eight discrete rubber contact points reduce the transmission of vibrations from stand to microphone.

Eight sets of thrust bearings give smooth operation. The thumb wheel at the rear adjusts and tightens the jaws of the Fenrir mount.

Made from rugged CNC-machined aluminium for durability. Made in England.

Fenrir tilts in the vertical axis and allows rotation of the microphone in the horizontal plane. Consequently a very wide range of positions are easily accessible.

Fenrir is suitable for use with the Extinct Audio Viking range of microphone, including the Viking BM9, Black Ops, and the Infinity-8 stereo microphone.

It also fits other models with a diameter of around 27mm, including classic B&O BM3, BM4, BM5 and BM6 microphones.

Available now!

December 16, 2018