NEW BoRbon Pocket Ribbon Microphone


The little mic with a big attitude!

The new BoRbon from Extinct Audio is a compact passive ribbon microphone that sounds astonishingly huge for its size, with a big proximity effect. It has a warm, rich tone, strong output and excellent signal to noise performance.

BoRbon has an output level similar to that of an RCA 44, but at 5 percent of the weight and a fraction of the size.

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BoRbon pocket ribbon microphone is a light and compact mic with a warm, rich tone, strong output and excellent signal to noise performance.

Most classic British ribbon microphones from the 1960s employed shorter, narrower ribbons than their American counterparts. Our BoRbon microphone builds on this heritage and the advantages that a shorter ribbon can bring. These are incredibly light and easy to mount, either with a standard large spring clip or with one of our mount-a-mic adapters. And the short ribbon is less prone to handling noise than a longer ribbon, which means in most circumstances a suspension mount is not required.

The market today seems dominated by large format ribbon microhones inspired by the RCA 44BX, with ribbon dimensions of the order of 50mm x 5mm or thereabouts. Of course everyone loves the 44 big ribbon sound but there are other ways to design a ribbon with a great tone. Those huge microphones were designed at a point when the only way to get a strong magnetic field was to use very large magnets. Magnet technology has evolved to an astonishing degree over the past few decades and so the bulk is not required. Moreover a shorter, narrower ribbon allows magnets to be positioned closer together which gives a very strong field in a tiny package, which compensates for the smaller transducer pickup area.

We have a lot of experience servicing classic British microphones and many of these, have medium sized ribbons around 25mm x 2.5mm, give or take a little. These include most of the Reslosound mics, the Grampian GR1, Film Industries M8 and the Lustraphone VR63. Whilst these are less well known than the RCA microphones, these smaller models are very popular.

This has allowed us to build a microphone with the output level of 44, but at 5 percent of the weight and a fraction of the size. The BoRbon sounds astonishingly huge for its size, with a big proximity effect like a big vintage microphone.

For reference, they are a little warmer than our BM9s, with a touch less top end, but they sound very real and natural, like the sound you are hearing in the room.

“I had the pleasure of testing out these little beauties recently from @extinctaudio. If you have ever had a conversation with me about what mic to buy I always recommend their BM9. On a recent visit to collect my freshly, un-dented RCA 77, I was shown their new prototype ribbon mic. It fit in the palm of my hand! There was something so intriguing about it. So on went the headphones and I had a listen. I was really blown away by how good it sounded. At the same time we listened to a few pretty classic ribbon mics that I was interested in hearing. I couldn’t quite believe that this little ribbon was coming out on top! So, I took a pair back to ATA to do some recording. They are amazing. Clear, well rounded and with the right smattering of character. Big bonus is they are light and easy to place/use. All the people I’ve played the snippets to have unanimously gone, “how much? I’ll take one”. Neil Innes, ATA records



Technical Details
Output impedance = 200 ohms at 1KHz
Directional Pattern: Offset figure-8 (the ribbon is 2mm closer to the
front of the microphone.)
Transducer Element:  Aluminum ribbon
Frequency range: 50 Hz – 15 kHz @ ±6dB. (excludes proximity effect)
Maximum SPL: 130dB @ 20 Hz
Sensitivity: 1.6 mV/Pa, -56 dBv/Pa at 1 kHz
Self noise (thermal): -132 dBV at 20ºC (20 kHz bandwidth).
Signal to noise (1kHz at 1 Pa): 79 dB.
Proximity effect: Strong
Electronics: Passive. No power required
Output configuration: Transformer balanced
Output Connector: XLR3, Pin 2= +ve, Pin 3 = -ve, Pin 1 = Ground
Weight: 135g (120g Woody version)
Size 85 x 42 x 42 mm.

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Dimensions8.5 × 4.3 × 4.3 cm

Tortoiseshell Red, Woody, Gold Sparkle, Black

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